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“Green Jean” promotes sustainable living options in business and public settings. Her expertise includes recycling, composting and waste reduction; energy and water conservation; indoor air quality; native plant landscaping and biodiversity.
Green Building Expertise Recognition #1 (Include direct link to publication / recognition)
My article "Better Business Through Biodiversity- spotlighting achivements of St. Louis Businesses" was published on in November 2014.
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My article "Green Chamber of Commerce Program Helps St. Louis Pick Up the Pace" was featured on in August of 2013. This article spotlights achievements in the St. Louis Green Business Challenge, including a number of St. Louis businesses engaged in Greening of the kinds of day-to-day practices that are both pre-requisites and options in LEED. As Resource Advisor to all Challenge companies (150 to date) since the program began in 2010, I have directly coached thinking and practice in for-profit and non-profit businesses, helping to advance and institutionalize sustainability in our region's business culture.
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I had the opportunity to give a talk titled "Sustainability Means Business" for the Ameren Sustainable Business Speaker Series.
Although I give MANY public talks on sustainabiltiy topics, and have the opportunity to address a wide range of audiences, about subject areas essential within LEED, I have listed this presentation because it specifically targeted an audience of local business leaders, alumni and students of SLU School of Business. My work since 2009 for the EarthWay Center of Missouri Botanical Garden has provided access for me to influence thinking across our region's business sector, where I believe influential transformations must be and are taking place.
Green Building Expertise Recognition # 4 (Include direct link to publication / recognition)
I was honored to receive the Missouri Coalition for the Environment's Leo and Kay Drey Environmental Stewardship Award in October of 2013. I have the utmost respect for the tenacity and effectiveness of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment - which celebrated 44 years of policy, conservation and education achievements in 2013. I am also honored to call Leo and Kay, MCE founders and longtime mainstays and EACH a living Green Giant in our region, my friends. This award recognized my 25 years of public environmental education, through my job, my professional networks, and my volunteer work as host of the radio talk show "Earthworms." I'm most pleased to note that I've seen IMPROVEMENT over 25 years in the stuff I talk about and deal with! Still more to do for sure, but PROGRESS.
Green Building Expertise Recognition # 5 (Include direct link to publication / recognition)
I have represented the City of St. Louis on the Region L St. Louis-Jefferson SWMD board for 10 years. I have served as the board's vice-chair since 2010.

This board oversees annual local grantmaking to recycling, reuse, remanufacturing, educational, composting, etc. businesses and non-profits - with allocations averaging 1.5 million per year. We are responsible for District operations and business to the MO Dept of Natural Resources. As Vice-Chair, one of my recent key roles has been representing SWMD statewide interests to a joint legislative committee appointed in 2013 to evaluate and update our SWMDs. I am an advocate especially for educational efforts in our grant-making process. I believe my efforts have helped to efficiently and sustainably advance waste minimization across the St. Louis region.