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Sustainability Consultant
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  • LEED Green Associate
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  • Recognized by Green Building Experts Program

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LEED Green Associate exam prep instructor
Green Cities (green government)
Green Building Expertise Recognition #1 (Include direct link to publication / recognition)
Past Chair - University City, MO Green Practices Commission

+ other speaking and writing engagements (energy, healthy food, social determinants of health, mobility, advocacy)
Green Building Expertise Recognition # 2 (Include direct link to publication / recognition)
Created Webinar for Practice Greenhealth/ Co-presenter, March 2013 - "20% Energy Reduction by 2020 at Ascension Health"

Green Building Expertise Recognition # 3 (Include direct link to publication / recognition)
Speaker - RCGA/ USGBC High Performance Buildings seminar, October 2013 - Topic: Energy Performance at Ascension Health

(link no longer on RCGA website)
Green Building Expertise Recognition # 4 (Include direct link to publication / recognition)
Author & Instructor - St. Louis Community College & USGBC - "Greening Healthcare" class, July 2013 & July 2014


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Green Building Expertise Recognition # 5 (Include direct link to publication / recognition)
Presenter - CleanMed national conferences 2013 through 2020 (Practice Greenhealth - Healthcare sustainability organization) -
Topics: Energy; Sustainable & Local Food; Community Benefit & Social Determinants of Health; Green Purchasing; Waste Management


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Green Building Expertise Recognition # 6 (Include direct link to publication / recognition)
Presenter - Greening the Heartland 2013, Chicago, IL (LEED for Healthcare)

Implementing LEED for Healthcare: Inpatient Expansion at St. Vincent Fishers (IN) Medical Center
Session Code: BT64

Green Building Expertise Recognition # 7 (Include direct link to publication / recognition)
Author & Instructor - USGBC National Online Course - "Greening Healthcare: What Goes In, Must Come Out"

Green Building Expertise Recognition # 8 (Include direct link to publication / recognition)
Chair - University City, Missouri Green Practices Commission, 2011-2017.

The Green Practices Commission provides guidance to the City to reduce its carbon footprint and increase green practices throughout the University City community, including the City itself, residential households, businesses, schools and other institutions.