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  • Solving the Split Incentive Problem - Reframing Investment in Energy Efficiency, for Building Owners & Tenants

Solving the Split Incentive Problem - Reframing Investment in Energy Efficiency, for Building Owners & Tenants

  • 12 Jul 2022
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Rockwell Beer Company, 1320 S Vandeventer Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110


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Evening Educational Program

Solving the Split-Incentive Problem

Reframing Investment in Energy Efficiency, for Building Owners & Tenants
An in-person evening program presented in partnership with Building Energy Exchange St. Louis and U.S. Green Building Council-Missouri Gateway Chapter.

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  • High-level information defining, what is the split-incentive problem
  • Actionable items specific to, the commercial split-incentive
  • Actionable items specific to, the residential split incentive (affordable housing focused)
  • An educational panelist discussion with local green building leaders! 

Join the Green Buildings Are Better community and enjoy light refreshments while networking, in-person at Rockwell Beer Company, before this July evening program presentation and panelist discussion. Included in networking will be attendees of the Building Energy Exchange St. Louis, Info Session on Building Energy Performance Standards. Networking begins at 5:30 pm. The BE-Ex STL (pronounced 'B'-'X' STL) Info Session on BEPS event starts at 4:30 pm. 


Aaron Michels, Director of Operations, Energy Resources Group, Inc.

Aaron Michels is the Operations Director at Energy Resources Group, Inc. (ERG), and is responsible for ERG’s tools used in utility, HVAC loads, and ventilation analysis. He works primarily on energy efficiency in buildings; projects from controls retro-commissioning to energy master planning.

Aaron has approached earth-friendly living from many different angles. He started in energy efficiency in high school, counting lightbulbs in school districts for his father’s energy consultancy. After receiving his bachelor’s in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with a focus on habitat conservation and international ecotourism, he then moved on to explore educational media production (documentary video and online), ecovillage development, biofuels, sustainable agriculture, organics recycling (composting), and permaculture. Returning full circle to St. Louis, he rejoined Energy Resources Group in 2013 and since then has been working with building owners to improve the energy efficiency and resiliency of their buildings. 

In his spare time, Aaron Michels leads a community garden, schemes about community co-ownership, and promotes and consults on intentional communities in St. Louis.


Kevin Bryant, Executive Founder, Developer & President, Kingsway Development 

Kevin Bryant is the Executive Founder, Developer & President of Kingsway Development LLC and CEO of Conversion Global Marketing. Kevin is making his mark by establishing and nurturing critical business relationships with some of the St. Louis area’s most prolific companies and individuals, "redeveloping our communities is more than brick and mortar, it's people and dreams."

While serving as the leading Community and Building Developer in the Kingsway/Central West End corridor of St. Louis, Missouri, Kevin has retained Master Development rights for 207 acres of the Kingsway District and is overseeing the multi-million-dollar business and community development project in St. Louis’ Central West End. 

As an accomplished communications professional with expertise in strategic planning and project management, Kevin is also responsible for the financing, construction, marketing and sales of this real estate. Driving economic development in the district through a core focus on revitalizing vacant/underutilized properties, working with the Collective Work Foundation (CWF); and negotiating tax credit programs in partnership with the St. Louis Development Corporation.

Jon Nichols, Director of Sustainability, Antheus Capital & Mac Development 

    Jonathan Nichols is the Director of Sustainability for Mac Properties. At Mac, he works to find creative ways to reduce the impact of multifamily buildings on the environment while ensuring those buildings are resilient to climate change. On his slate of projects are building electrification, envelope improvements, and on-site renewable energy, as well as many others. Prior to joining Mac, Jon was a research professor at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, and currently retains adjunct status there. While at Columbia, he studied the global carbon cycle, and the complex relationship among wetlands, plant life, and the atmosphere. He also worked to understand the impact of sea level rise on urban wetlands in New York City and environs, providing advice to State and Municipal agencies to mitigate those impacts.

    Cities and buildings—like wetlands—are complex, interconnected systems. If we hope to improve how they function, we need to understand how their the components work together, and how the individual changes we make to impact the whole.

    Tristan Walker, Principal, Heritage Properties St. Louis

      Tristan Walker is a principal at Heritage Properties, a property management, construction, and real estate firm doing business primarily in St. Louis City. He serves on the Board of Managers at DeSales Community Development helping oversee ongoing property management of their portfolio of properties. Exposure to the historic building stock of St. Louis has yielded experience in preserving and upgrading this irreplaceable architectural treasure to last another hundred years. In addition to architectural preservation and urbanism, Tristan has a long standing involvement in sustainable design, agriculture, and land management.


      In rental properties, there is a common obstacle to investment in energy efficiency. If the owner invests in efficient HVAC equipment, the tenant receives the benefit of lower utility bills. This reduces the financial incentive for building owners to make these upgrades. Seen more broadly, the “split incentive” exists whenever the responsibility for a proposed improvement is held separately from its benefits.

      Since rapid implementation of energy efficiency is critical to addressing the climate crisis, the split incentive is an obstacle that endangers our collective future. Luckily, there are numerous solutions to the problem.

      Tuesday, July 12th, 2022, Aaron Michels will present concepts for reframing thinking about the split incentive as well as practical tools, including: commercial and residential lease language; organizational changes; staff incentives, policy proposals in other cities; and marketing, cultural, and informational solutions.


      • Understand the Split-Incentive problem from the perspective of owners and tenants, how it intersects with racial equity, how it delays critical climate action, and how it can disrupt energy efficiency implementation inside organizations.

      • Analyze the pros and cons of proposed solutions in commercial and residential leases, in ownership and organizational structures, and in employee incentives.

      • Explore policies that have been used in other cities as well as cultural and marketing changes that address the split incentive.

      • Investigate the similarities and differences between different building types as it relates to the split-incentive, including financial investment opportunities and compliance with local Building Energy Performance Standards. 


      Submitted for AIA CES credit approval

      Eligible for 1 GBCI CE self-reported hour


      Tuesday, July 12, 2022

      5:30 - 7:30 pm


      Rockwell Beer Company

      1320 S Vandeventer Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110 

      Directions via Google Maps 

      Connect with Metro Lines #31, #42, #57, #70, #8 


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